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  1. gudway


    This may be out of place, but I don't know where else to start.

    Does anyone have experience trading with BoA.
    using a zero commission account.
    I used it and it seems obvious that it is INTENTIONALLY
    designed to make it as bad as possible for traders.

    Trading stocks < $1 requires a special card wich you have to
    sqeeze to get a code to trade. The card becomes defective
    in < 2 weeks then it takes 10 days to get a new one.
    After you buy a stock, you cannot sell it before the next day.
    After placing an order, you can only change it once, thereafter
    you must cancell the order and resubmit it.
    Log-in stays active for max. 10 minutes and sometimes < 1 min.
    When you call the trading office, you first get a 30 second lecture
    on risks of investing and insurance coverage, then you have to
    punch account numbers etc, then you wait to get life help.

    I'm sure BoA stays just within the border of legality
    I wrote several time suggesting then begging for improvement
    but am consistently ignored. BpA says it is all for SECURITY.

    I also trade at TD Ameritrade, secure without all this nonsense
    Orders are placed within 10 seconds and eveything is smooth.

    This BoA 30 free trades/month is almost useless and just a
    come-on, with numerous obstacles and restricting gimmics.

    Anyone with more information, please respond.
  2. Well, obviously BAC is BS. Stop wasting your time with a bank when it comes to trading.