Bank of America blocks Zero Hedge

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  1. sounds illegal to me.
  2. B of A can only block sites on their computers. Computers that employees are using during WORK HOURS.

    They can block any damn site they want on their computers. I don't think surfing is a job description for most jobs.
  3. What a great way to promote zerohedge to BAC employees, i wish marketsurfer was banned there! :D
  4. CT10Gov


    ?? how do you figure?
  5. I thought they issued an edict that employees can't read ZH offsite--- not just on the work computers... my mistake for misreading. surf
  6. Jgills


    they blocked this at my shop too... i requested an exemption. hah
  7. CT10Gov


    Ah okay. Every time I tried reading ZH, I couldn't... just can't make it through the wild assumptions and bombastic tone.
  8. its the national enquirer of finance.
  9. CT10Gov


    UFO in the skies == HFT in the prints.... makes sense
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