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  1. Kylept


    I am currently seeking a JV partner to facilitate a trade monetization transaction. This transaction will be done through a licensed 7 63 series trader and we will be sending and receiving from a top 25. This trade program will be as follows:

    10% Up-front fee from trader on face of instrument [$500M]
    25% Profit will be distributed in between all parties (which will most likely be me, the bank providing the instrument-AAA, you, and the trader.
    The 25% will be a monthly return for 11 months, EVERY MONTH.

    This an amazing investment opportunity because of the expedited return (typically 48-72 hours on return) and the transparency between all parties involved in the transaction. Please let me know if you would be interested in this type of venture so I can go ahead and share more details on the transaction, as well the agreement explaining all of the specifics.


    Kyle Phillips Thomas
    First Elite LTD
  2. Hello friend!

    My uncle is a wealthy Nigerian banker and can easily get you the US$500M that you require.

    As a show of good faith to you sir I will have him send you US$600M. You are to send US$50M of that directly to me and you may keep the other $50M for yourself The remaining US$500M will be used to fund your account.

    To our future success and partnership!

    Dr. Alhaji Akimola Adekunle Sr. Esq. Jr. III