Bank assets as a % of GDP

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  1. No single American bank has total assets equal to 25% of American GDP.

    RBS = 126% UK

    Deutsche Bank = 86% Gremany

    BNP Paribus = 104% France

    UBS = 484% Switerland

    ING = 290 % Netherlands

    Unicredit = 89% Italy

    Santander = 132% Spain

    Fortis = 254% Belgium

    Erste Bank = 85% Austria

    Bank of Ireland = 102% Ireland
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    Unless it's recently changed, no American bank has 15% of the US GDP amount in total assets.
  3. 1) That may not be a completely "transparent" comparison. :)
    2) What are JPM's assets as a percentage of the GDP of New York state? :eek:
    3) What about BAC in California or North Carolina? :confused:
  4. Thanks for the reply. Frankly I wasn't sure what to make out of the info but I did check out the numbers for the heck of it.

    J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (assets) $2,135,796,000

    New York (GSP) 1,093,219

    Bank of America Corporation (assets) $2,340,667,014

    California (GSP) 1,891,363
  5. Bank Interest Rates influence the Bank Assets
  6. 1) Neato beano ratios! :D
    2) To compare the United States of America to the Divided Countries of Europe would have been "off the mark". :eek: