Bangkok Traders Get Together

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  1. I thought starting a new thread would be more effective since the other Thailand thread was getting so long. I am here in bangkok looking to get a small office so I can trade with a few buddies. Staying in sukumvit area near Asok BTS. I was wondering if other traders here can get together and just hang out one night. We are late twenties, early thirties. Would anybody be interested in a few cold singhas?
  2. What are you guys trading?
  3. Hey I am just curious, because I have heard 2 different opinions, do you folks in Thailand have fast reliable high speed internet or is it flakey and slow?
  4. Also intriguied
  5. well so far we just setup with TRUE (internet company) and we are connecting fine. but overall connection is not as good as other places in asia. as long as you are not scalping you will be fine. One way to look at it is, if you use vonage in japan or korea, everything works fine, very clear dialtone. Vonage here in thailand, 50/50 connection, very hard to hear sometimes. Other than that the connection is ok. any of you guys here in bangkok?
  6. are you guys able to trade the set 50 futures in bangkok?
  7. I used to live in bangkok on and off for few years and traded full time there from my serviced apartment. I lived in sukhumvit at beginning, later Ratcha prarop, Ramkhamheng, Bang kapi, Lad prao...

    Now, my base is phuket since i become pro diver and stopped trading for some times now, but still doing lot of research. I have heavily invested all my money in property business now

    I have plane to return to bangkok near future, Organzing trading club in Bangkok would be good idea. Bkk is better option if you make lot of trades intraday as it has faster internet. Phuket has 2MB speed at maximum, but has lot more to offer in term of daily activities, even huge place sure you miss some aspects of city life.
  8. hi nana_trader... when do you think you will be back in bkk? is phuket bad this time of the year? people expecting typhoon again soon?
  9. This is great.. i'll keep monitoring this thread, i will be back in BKK around the end of this year/beginning of next year and will be trading from there.

    be great to meet up with with you guys.. and Nana :D
  10. KMR rocks! or KhoThoMo... whatever... chok dee dudes ;-)
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