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    Hello fellow traders,

    I am living in Thailand trading from there since quite a few years.
    Was thinking about starting a small business about trading education arranging seminars in hotels who can provide business facilities. Plan is that I would teach and trade live in front of people attending offering to join in making back seminar fees. Kind of money back guarantee in case of disappointment. Project should grow by reputation as I believe quality needs no marketing.

    As I am not able to set up/maintain everything alone this is a call to people familiar with (profitable) trading living in the region or willed to settle down there whatever.
    Please get in touch in case anyone might be interested.

    Thank you,
  2. I was in phuket for 3 months, years back,, flew my girlfriend at the time in for a month, ,that was the end of that one, much to early in my sobriety to head back there i think, if you see the potential go for it , there sure is alot of gamers there, throw a l2 and tape in front of them and im sure there would be some new born kings. as for seminars,, i dont know much of what that would incur , but wish you all the best, should probably keep my adventures a little closer to home right now.
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    Thanks and likewise I wish you all the best getting back on track mate.
  4. pm me if you ever push through with this plan. might be fun watching somebody else trade might see something that i could apply. dont live in thailand though ill be coming it in from singapore but ill probably make a vacation out of it.
  5. I've always thought...if you can't live in Bangkok, then just Phuket...
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    Lets set up a desk in Nana Plaza!
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    Which means ??
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  9. lol.. i would never be so happy to lose money :)
  10. Who would be your targeted customer ? Ex-pats who live there usually live on their pensions and wouldn't have a trrading capital .
    I was in LOS couple of times and really like your idea of a seminars in Thailand.
    Pm me if you want to discuss it in detail.
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