Banging My Head Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Over the summer I was in and out of all of the following stocks:

    CLZR- Was at $10, Now at $12
    NILE- Was at $27, Now at $37
    JBLU- $9, Now at 11.63
    AAPL- $55, Now at $81
    MA- $40.31, NOW AT $71.00
    CNCT-$7, now at $17.00

    The list goes on and now the lesson has been learned. The lesson folks is this...

    I will start at May.

    THEN GO AWAY!!!!


    I should have simply bought and held an index of beaten up stocks. Not all of the stocks that I traded over the summer are at the highs now. Indeed, there are a few that went down.

    In July of next year, I will simply go fishing for the losers and then make up my own index fund. The beaten down loser index fund. Then I will collect my profits in November.
  2. I forgot. BRLC at $2, now at $5.3.
  3. hindsite is a great tool. you can look at any chart and it all seems so clear.
    i just listened to a tradingmarkets sales pitch. they wanted 11k for a system based on backtested simulated results.
  4. go back to amway. taeding not 4 u. amway

  5. dac8555


    sorry, takes a lot more than that.

    dont worry about stocks.

    start with a risk control strategy and then go from there.
  6. mo money in amway than trading eagle. some1 told me u r examway. stik wth wat works
  7. I know. I should probably go back to selling Amway. No need to brow beat me. Believe me, seeing CNCT at the price it is at now is punishment enough in my mind.

    There is always next summer. My plan is just that. Create the beaten down index during the summer. Ill devote 100k and find at least 10-15 beaten up stocks to long.
  8. sounds smart. goode lukoil.

  9. I hear ya... the market is a big bully.

    Bought GOOG at 460 in Jan, ride down to 320 and threw in the towel at 390 in Sept at a loss. Now ~475-480 and counting.

    Bought AAPL at 75 in Jan, ride down to 50s and threw in the towel at 70 in Sept at a loss. Now ~80 and counting.

    :( :( :(
  10. When dealing with stocks, equities, etc. Whatever you deal in, when you take a loss or miss an opportunity, you learn the hard way.

    In any other occupation, you truly dont learn the hard way. I mean if we were working at any company, the max that can happen to us is getting fired. Most of the time, we would simply get a write-up or verbal warning. No big deal.

    However, this is different. This deals with our cash. As men, our cash is as close to us as our dicks. When we lose it or miss an opportunity, then its a stab at the very core of ourselves.

    Although our errors are costly, you learn from each and every mistake. I will learn from this summer and know to hold onto the battered eggs.

    Now we must move forward. Sure, put me into the dogpound for now and make your remarks. While I dont enjoy them, I deserve them. I wont be in the dogpound for long though. Believe me. Next time will be different, Im not scared away easily.

    The best trader is one who has made the most errors. Firms like to hire guys who have made big mistakes and have been slapped around a bit. Thats because these guys have learned in the hardest way. They wont error again.
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