"BANG" Option Trading...taking $1,000.00 to $100,000

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  1. "BANG" Option Trading...taking $1,000.00 to $100,000

    Will deposit a FRESH $1,000.00 into my OptionsXpress account...will trade up to the whole $1,000.00 in my account...will trade once per day or...buy and than sell the next day...

    will demo trade to begin with...
  2. ...what?
  3. wartrace


    That's great! 1000 dollars to 100,000 in ONE TRADE! Woo Hoo- You are "The OPTIONS GOD".

    (I want to be just like you when I grow up!)
  4. Wouldnt that suck if you got up to 95,000$ and then some bad news came out and the stock tanked and your options went down to a bid/ask of --/.05 and never recovered?

  5. sakhter


    quit forex?
  6. spindr0


    You want to be a mentor for Elite Traders too ???
  7. wartrace


    No, I just want to turn a thousand bucks into 100k with one trade, or even one trade a day:)

    Seriously, the post was a bit nonsensical.
  8. not in one trade of course...who said that?of course anyone should have a goal of taking 1k to 100k...or why trade?
  9. Most people in here are better suited to take 100k down to 1k :)
  10. wartrace


    Maybe you could explain what "Bang Options trading" is?

    "BANG" Option Trading...taking $1,000.00 to $100,000

    Kind of sketchy details other than what your profits are going to be..........

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