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  1. Redart11


    Does anyone know if two computers on one cable router
    splits the speed of the modem?Are two monitors on one
    computer also splitting bandwidth and speed?I talked
    to Roadrunner(Time Warner).one technician said bandwidth
    and speed will be split if two computers share a modem
    or router.All help appreciated.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yes, the bandwidth is shared when using a cable modem with two or more computers, but only when those machines are actively using the connection simultaneously.

    Regarding your monitor question: From a display standpoint, there isn't much impact on the computer's processor when using a multi-monitor setup because the video tasks are being handled by the graphics processors on the video card(s).
  3. Fletch


    Think of the bandwidth as a pipe... the actual speed is the same until you fill up the pipe. The more bandwidth you have the bigger the pipe is. When you use two computers you are just putting more data in the pipe... but the speed won't diminish considerably until the pipe gets filled.

  4. Turok


    Redart11 asks:
    >Does anyone know if two computers on one
    >cable router splits the speed of the modem?

    Baron responds:
    >Yes, the bandwidth is shared.

    I'm sure in the context he intends, Baron is correct, but I'm not sure that he answered the question that was asked. It depends on your interpretation of the words "split" and "shared".

    As Baron says, both computers would "share" the broadband modem, but this doesn't often mean that the "speed of the modem" is "split" between the two computers. If you are getting a 2500kbps connection on the modem this does NOT mean that each of the two computers gets a maximum connection of 1250kpbs (and I'm certain that Baron didn't mean this)

    Think of the modem as the pipe and the computers as the shower heads. If both shower head are running full blast, you MAY find one head impacting the other (depends on the size of the pipe). However if one head is turned off, the other head can take full advantage of the full size of the pipe.

    I have 5 computers hooked up to one cable modem and in the real world I have never noticed any drop in speed in any of them because of bandwidth deprivation. My modem is capable of so much more than most of the servers feeding me.

    Hope this was a useful addition to the good information that Baron provided.


  5. Baron

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    Thanks. My use of the word "shared" was meant to imply what you just explained in detail.