Bandwidth, how much is enough?

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  1. Couple questions about how much data certain feeds pull.

    Any tradestation users with a multi monitor multi chart set up know how much data their system pulls?

    I run off a 3mbps allstream E-10 line and im wondering if we are using up the full pipe or way under/over?

    In total we have several prop software stations, 5 or so charting accounts, a tradestation/ninjatrader/thinkorswim setup, and 1 esignal.

    Any ideas how much bandwidth that would pull?
  2. Call your provider, they should be able to provide you information on how much bandwidth you are using.
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    just right click your network connection in the system tray. I remember I used my platform with a couple of lelv twos and charts and esignal and after 3days I only used a total of 6mb. that also includes some web surfing. people don't realize you are just dowloading short bits which are numbers.
  4. That will show bandwidth usage for the PC it is being run but FWIW doesn't tell you the collective bandwidth usage of multiple PCs (is that what the OP meant by several prop software stations?) on the network through a single router.
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    yes I know. just saying take that as one pc to gauge how much bandwidth is being used.
  6. You have enough bandwidth to watch cnbc and cnn video streams along with all your trading.

    BTW: My favorite test site to test my current pipe bandwidth is:

    they have sites across the US, so you can find the source of your lags.
  7. If i could measure the speed of data going through my router that would probably do it. Anyone know how i do that?
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    Couple of things,

    As for measuring the router it would help to know what brand and model?

    If it's a Cisco(non linksys) then any monitoring software, freeware or otherwise that supports the Cisco Router Discovery protocol will give you all the stats your after. There are other router vendors that the CRD protocol as well.The free praessler software link earlier in the thread will do it for one.

    In most cases though you can get the stats emailed to you by your ISP. Most will give you average, peak(some call it burst), and total throughput for the actual circuit. Some ISP let you view that info from within your account though generally very basic stuff. This won't break it down by user ip but will give you and idea. On the other hand the praessler, or other freeware will.

    Additionally if you are using a switch some switches will give you the stats for the port that the router is plugged into.

    If your goal is to query the router itself then the model/brand info is important.

    Good luck or good trading.
  9. Did you read my post? LOL. If you can enable SNMP on your router (or Netflow), the freeware version of Traffic Grapher is all you need.

    Download. Run install. Add sensor. Point to your Router. Click, click, click.

    Result = Pretty charts, just like trading. You'll soon be trying to spot the trend.

    If you have a techie friend, it's a 5 minute job.

    Good luck!

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