Banbing certain types of posters.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by alfonso, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I would like to offer a suggestion that certain types of posters be banned.

    Some members sign up usernames and all they do is post is what any half-mature member could honestly only consider complete and utter crap.
    Often it is quite obvious that they already had a previous ET username, as their first post or first few posts is/are often a personal attack or continuation of a skirmish with specific ET members.

    The most recent example would be "2balls". After opening with a childish swipe at myself, he has since gone on to post other disruptive, childish one line pieces of nothingness.

    I think that in any effort to "clean up" ET, it would be a no brainer to delete the accounts of "gimmes" like 2balls -- since it is obvious beyond words their only intention is to chidlishly rebuke and disrupt.

    Baron, I understand you are probably a very busy person, but if your attention is drawn to open and shut cases like 2balls, especially by your more trusted moderators, then I would strongly urge you to act immediately to delete their accounts.
  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    We delete accounts almost everyday. We deleted about five or six last week almost instantly after they were created because the names in those cases were also inappropriate. The 2balls account was brought to my attention the day it was registered, but I was busy with other things so I didn't get around to deleting it. However, that has been taken care now, meaning that the account has been disabled and all of his posts were deleted.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  3. alfonso, you could quite possibly be the most clueless person i've ever encountered. you are the epitome of bad opinions. a religious socialist...what a combination. :(
    how pathetic can it get? tampa the grouch seems to idolize alfonso. that says a lot about him. :-/
  4. alfonso, should you be banned?
  5. GG:come on...he has a point.....the only thing more annoying then some guy blasting somebody with their very first post, is the guy coming on with his very first post and saying " does anybody have any information about _____securities"???
  6. maybe i over reacted. difference of opinion is what makes the world go around. i posted in this thread after i read some of alfonso's posts in chit chat praising big government. it really annoyed me, so i guess i vented here.
  7. No problem...just don't let it happen again or im going to complain to Baron and get you banned :D :D
  8. "sid vicious" also appears a likely candidate for a banning. In his 13 posts thus far he has had exactly one reasonably acceptable post with the rest being pure and utter rubbish and his posting pattern would indicate that he was not a new member when he signed up in June, but rather signed up the user name simply to be able to post "crap".

    Baron, I give my highest possible recommendation for banning this user. Thank you.
  9. will you quit wishing for people to be banned? use your f****** ignore list.
  10. dbphoenix


    Since alfonso insists on creating this idiotic thread rather than simply PM Baron with his views, it seems likely that he is more interested in posting further crap with the air of noble purpose than he is in improving anything.

    When it comes to posting crap, alfonso, you are not in the strongest possible position.
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