Banana Republic

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    what US have became....i never expected to see something like this so quickly..a banana f** republic..who would take you seriously,if you can't report ANYTHING on time(forget about accuracy of the numbers)?

    it will affect everything-fist all numbers will be --

    then they will be skewed because of those layoffs. then they will be played by insiders to death(because we don't even know the time and day or the release)
    and volume is dead once again and markets are flat as usual..
    boy oh boy..

    and we are approaching earnings the hell this crap will be reported? to whom? it must be a paradise for all sort of scammers,because SEC is probably ain't working either..YAHOOO! qaeda must be happy time to blow something up in US..cause there is no one is watching anymore
    That crazy woman,who caused the shooting in DC-she probably can't get her meds on time because of the shutdown too!
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    Al Qaeda won't bring US down. In the history of the world, most great empires have been brought down because of internal reasons. It's about implosions, not explosions.
  3. I'm glad you brought up Al qaeda. Even though this is a trading message board, it's a good point.

    Foreign policy is where Obama is really shining. The whole world thinks he's a laughing stock and a total pussy. He backed down from so many fights and foreign leaders already it's scary. Everyone who elected him bought into the hope and change nice charismatic leader thing. They all forgot that there are MILLIONS (not hundreds, but a few million) crazy jihadists out there that want and are trying to kill Americans.

    They're going to come here. It's going to keep happening. Over and over and over until we do something about it.

    But this dumb bozo is too scared and wants to go for Neville Chamberlain style appeasement. He's such a putz. Dude, this is the clown in your high school class who kissed the teachers ass but was a total airhead. And a pussy, too.

    Just FYI, we'll never be able to appease these jackals. They think they're on a mission from God to kill non-muslims. You can't talk or buy your way out of that. Kill or be killed. Not politically easy? Too bad. It's called reality.

    (probably wrong forum. sue me.)
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    from what i seen so far-looks like there is no policy. just some random s**t ..and certainly lack of qualified people on this position. what we can expect from hillary clinton? a f** HOUSEWIFE,who can't even keep things in order at her own house..john kerry? this guy can't come up with a meaningful sentence on his own..99% of the time i have no idea what he was mumbling about..and those are considered as pros? holy s**..
    and after this colossal failure of his wife,bill clinton saying something about his daughter as a next presidential nominee.wft was that? a family club or something? f** this s**..i'm seriously tired to see unprofessional,unqualified,pathetic losers been elected AND reelected over and over again..
  5. Yes ... even when it looks like it was the barbarians storming the gate it was all internal. The strength is dissapated by internal rot and the external threat beomes simply the final push. How long do we have? Five or ten years or more like 30 or 50 before the real collapse? For those of you that feel the need to explain to me it will be Tuesday late in the afternoon ... well, good luck!

  6. This country is changing. A lot. It starts with the culture. The president now more than ever has to be "cool". This jackass obama thinks he's like a celebrity movie star.

    No more real leadership. But this terrorist thing is moving into a new phase where twice in one week you hear about them mass shooting people in a mall and then just shooting up a college dorm in the middle of the night. fuc*king animals.

    I hope the next president republican or democrat, whichever, has some damn understanding of military history and foreign affairs and might be inclined to understand that he will be called upon to act as a Commander-In-Chief whether he likes it or not.

    But that probably won't happen. We're going to elect the 'cool, nice guy' like it's american idol or something.

    Dumbass sheeple.

    Obama has wavered on a million different topics and done virtually NOTHING. in 2009 he said he was going to take on the banks. The banks took him. Then the next day he's out to get snowden after the leaks come out. Can't get it done - got shut down by China and Russia. OK, moves on to the next thing. Syria, Assad - hey look they gassed and killed all these people America - let's get 'em. Whoops, the "polls" weren't behind that. Obummer backs down. What a pussy. No balls whatsoever.

    He's tweeting Iran now, though. That'll work out well. See the people in power there will be as dazed and mesmerized by Obama's charm and charisma and will totally give up their beliefs and ancient cultures and get on his cool peaceful groove.

    3 More years
  7. Lucrum


    We're certainly imploding.
    The end of our worldwide power and influence IS coming. It's only a question of how much longer it takes. And does it take down the rest of the industrialized world with us.
  8. If it happens within the next five years it certainly sinks all ships; if it happens in 10 years it probably sinks 'em all and if it is 20, 30 or 40 who knows. The longer we limp along the stronger and more prepared other nations will be. There is no way for anyone -- even Germany or Switzerland -- to prepare quickly. Imagine preparing for your export markets to disappear ... tall order.

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    Didn't we all believed the dollar would be so devalued it couldn't buy crap back in 2008? Well, the stock market rebounded and all you who made fortunes in the process are, I'm sure, buying more than just useless crap.

    Moreover, most of the right-wing nutheads even thought Obamacare would never pass in their lifetime (or was that over their dead bodies)? But Obamacare did pass with the nutheads still in one piece, and yet why can't these pussies accept their defeat?

    If Bohner and his extremist buddies would dole out money to fund the government, all this hoopla would go down in history as nonevent.
  10. Well being bogged down with domestic concerns and missing the 2 meetings in Asia is not helping his pivot to Asia one bit.

    While he's stuck back home, the Chinese President is doing the pre-summit grand tour signing mega deals with South-East Asian nations. Reminds me of the Brits in colonial times with their gunboat diplomacy forcing open trade. Well China is doing pretty much the same with its South China Sea territorial claims.

    This just one of many articles covering the news item.

    Asia will still look to the States as a counterbalance to China, but that could in time just as easily be another country that rises to rival China.

    It's a long slow process though, won't play out in my lifetime.
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