Ban Trader666

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Ban Trader666

  1. Ban the dummie

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  2. Let him stay

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  1. he/she is totally disruptive. >1/2 of his/her posts contain personal attacks. he/she keeps posting repetitive stuff spiced with personal attacks, which also are very repetitive.

    I added his handle to my IGNORE list and as far as I am concerned he does not exist. Still I see him quoted periodically and the posts as expected contain personal attacks (not necessarily against me BTW).

    My point is that while IGNORE works for me personally it does not work for the community. I see new handles come in and they are attacked. Will they stay or will they go? They may stay but then they don't want to post. Who knows how many don't post here because of people like Trader666.

    And to make things worse he contributes absolutely nothing to the useful content on this site. There should be some sort of balance but in his case it's all one-sided.

    To sum: banning Trader666 = money for Baron
  2. Lucrum


    So what's the problem again?

    I'm fairly confident it works the same for everyone, provided they choose to use it.
    Probably no more than the number who don't post because of YOU (or me).

    And you do? LOL

    Horse Shit

    Does the "Ban the dummie" choice refer to you or him?
  3. I agree Lucrum, let's ban this douchebag Shortie instead. Start a rival poll and let's see what happens.
  4. with him being your buddy and all, i understand that it's hard for you to agree that he is totally useless and disruptive.
  5. there is not legit reason to ban me but plenty to ban trader666.

    i am sure i will get a few ban requests in the poll requesting me banned. run your poll and see if i care
  6. So if you don't care, why do you assume Trader666 cares?

    I've gotten into ridiculous arguments with all stripes on this forum, but it never crossed my mind to start a poll to "ban them". Usually, I got put on their ignore list and that was the end of it.

    Wanting to ban other members is like the behavior of an armchair despot.
  7. ET has been going down in quality for some time now. Who said Trader666 is not responsible for this?
  8. I find people with little to no tolerance to be responsible.
  9. do you mean me?
  10. Lucrum


    According to who, you?

    You ought to banned for marrying your half sister. You freak'n pervert.
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