Ban Short Selling !

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    The link above revels a serious threat threat to all individual traders.
    The SEC has removed the UpTick Rule. now short traders can ruin all of us - at willShort selling is illegal in every other venue but the stock market.

    If you sold any other item you did not own, you would be liable for prosecution - Why Not Short Selling?

    Someone can borrow my stock from a broker - sell it - Drive the price down, and leave me me with a reduced equity value.

    The worn-out claim, "It adds liquidity to the market is Nonsense. It should be classified by the SEC as illegal.

    Write to the SEC and voice your disdain!

    The SEC and Federal Reserve shuld close down "DERIVATIVES" which is a fancy word for duplicating a Letter of Credit and placing it with multiple lenders - multiple copies of one letter of credits supported by a single collateral! Is it any wonder the sub-prime lenders are in trouble.

    Write, call , contact your Congress Reopresentatives , The SEC, and the Federal Reserve. Thanks
  2. lol. haha.
  3. next time you profit from bidu running $50 are goog running $100 be sure to give the short sellers you killed there money back.screw you 10-1 shorts lose over win
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    Eventually all shorts must cover...
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    But I like short selling....
  6. You rename your handle Halfwitz because thats what you are.
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    How then will people be able to hedge their positions/portfolios? Thank you for your time.
  8. seriously, the op has no idea how much money longs made from shorts over the last 5 years. if anything, shorts don't drive prices down, they create squeeze to the upside. you need the shorts dude - your portfolio would be in far worse condition without them

    have you ever skied or snowboarded on pure ice?
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    Eliminate selling! Only buying allowed from now on. That'll fix the markets.
  10. I say buying stocks, or for that matter all long positions should be outlawed. You should only be allowed to short! Call the SEC!:D
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