BAN semi-automatic weapons

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  1. Take notice where these tragedies occur. Malls, schools and other places that do not allow the law abiding citizen to protect themselves. If this loonie started walking down a public street CO and took one shot he would have been tapped like the fucking wild animal is.

    Banning firearms would do nothing to stop the insane or criminal element. All it would do is create a free for all of crime.

    Take a look at DC where nobody but the cops are allowed to protect themselves. The stats dont lie.

  2. Agreed, and I can't stand the weakness that generations have had where all of this gun banning talk occurs. Grow a pair and be a man. You think criminals care about the law? Ban guns for everyone and only criminals will have them. Real smart idea. American's have become so weak. They care more about who's going to win american idol than who's going to be the lawmakers.
  3. Since you feel so strongly about guns (and The Second Amendment), I'm confident you'll have no problem with me moving into the house next door to you and placing the following sign in my front yard ....

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  4. Outstanding.
  5. Do you guys think the threat to innocent life was minimized in this shooting because he had only a BOLT ACTION rifle instead of a semi-auto?

    I'm not suggesting banning ALL weapons.
  6. Yes.

    And here's another one, possibly the worst killing spree in modern times.

    Gun laws were tightened substantially in the aftermath and semi-automatic weapons are now very restricted. Gun crime has certainly not gone up as a consequence of the tighter laws. US gun laws are widely regarded as idiotic in Australia.
  7. Lucrum



    But your ridiculous assertion that removing firearms from law abiding citizens so that only criminals have them IS a perfect example of liberal stupidity.

    Australian gun laws are widely regarded as idiotic in the US.

    Maybe we should both stay home, and mind our own fucking business.
  8. You're an idiot. Ill just leave it at that.

    These weapon ban topics are hideous. You spit on the founding fathers are you are weak.
  9. You could ban everything except a musket. All that would mean is the law abiding citizen would use a musket to protect them selves from criminals with high capacity weapons.

    Since when has banning anything thier is black market for made it go away?
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