Ban on incandescent light bulbs

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  1. seriously, these flourescent light bulbs suck in quality and gives people headaches with the humming sound.

    won't the gov't be creating a blackmarket for incandescent light bulbs if it's BANNED and ILLEGAL to sell and make??

    wtf seriously how bad is electricity to the environment...people need light and need electricity...these flourscents won't save anyone any money it cost money to make and they don't last that long..

    now the gov't tells people incandescent light bulbs are 'illegal'...

    people cannot make or buy a product that has been used for 100's b.s. environmental freaks.

    why don't you ban cars. but no GM and ford would lose jobs.

    also it creates more pollution to make and dipose of thes 'flourescent' lights..mercury and chemicals to make the transformers in the tubes etc..and they don't last that much more.

    the gov't should just get out of the free market ...because people don't like these flourescent lights...flourescent lights just 10 years ago cost $10 each cause it was very expensive to make...hence it's made in China and very polluting to make....mercury poisoning in teh factories.

    incandesent is cheap to make...

    unless they make better light bulb..the incandscent light cannot be replaced with current technology.

    those mercury levels in the environment will be immense...millions and tonnes in the about poison.

    many will just throw them in the garbage than recyle them. because it cost money to recyle those flourescent light bulbs...gas driving to the landfill etc.
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    Fluorescents just suck environmentally when you have to deispose of them... Environmentalists went batshit crazy and blocked all nuclear energy in the US. That forced us into burning coal because we were not going to live like 11th century peasants.. so coal actually puts more radioactive waste into the environment then nuclear plants.. and mercury too.. I went to see Rick O'Barry [he's an animal rights activist and environmentalist] and he says that the biggest environmental problem on the planet is the mercury in the ocean food chain... and anti nuclear jerks cause ruckuses wherever he speaks, at least they did when I saw him in Southern California...

    So environmentalists gave us coal burning, which gave us poisoned oceans and more expensive electricity with more radioactive pollution, albeit it's just spewed into the atmosphere and spread all over... and their answer is conservation with light bulbs that are horribly toxic...

    If these son of a bitch environuts ever start making some sense I might care but so far they are largely just political nuts...
  3. it's just more evidence of gov't interference into people's lives..
    it's 100 year old's irreplaceable.

    incandescent lights use more electricity but it's necessity...and the savings are nothing if you add the cost of making itand disposting it.

    that is the reason it's made in china. if it was made in the US it would $10/bulb not $3

    floursecent light was only available in the office ballast and type with transformers and those ballast don't last..i had a flourescdent ballast and removed cause it was pain fixing every five years. cost $100 in electrician to install it and repair it.

    those new standard flourescnet bulbs fit on regular electric tubes weren't available or feasible 10 years ago.

  4. keep those lobbbyist and 'special' interest groups away from gov't

    wall street has tonnes of lobbyist in the gov't too...

    these 'new' laws are not the best of reality or best interest of the consumer.

    2007 was the year europe first banned it.

    now 2012-2014 was global banned on incandescent lights

    incandesent light bulb the most important and useful invention of the last 10 thousand years.

    bigger than the invention of fire.

  5. Frankly at first I had to agree, I like incandscent bulbs.

    I bought about a dozen of the new bulbs and put them in the kids room, they never shut the llights off so F'it leave them all day for all I care.

    I use a couple for myself in lamps, I bought the 100w, 60 is not bright enough.

    So far the bulbs seem to be lasting as well as anything else. I'm going to use them where ever, can't really use them in the can lights, they don't look good as the R65 bulbs, although I have one in the hallway I use for night light.

    The thing about cutting electric use, it's a lot of little things and I'd say this helps.
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    In Germany a company circumvented the law by selling the old bulbs as HEATING devices. They (correctly) stated that 98% of the energy goes for heating and only 2% for creating light, and so far they have been getting away with it....
  7. wait until a few of those fluorescent bulb break in your house. the mercury will stay in the house ~forever.
  8. Nonsense. You are just making stuff up.

    CFLs actually reduce the amount of mercury released into the environment due to their dramatically lower power consumption and the saving of electricity generated by coal burning. Burning coal releases various metals into the environment including mercury, uranium and thorium.
  9. I've replaced nearly all the old bulbs in my house, including spots for downlighting, with CFLs and it's hard to tell the difference. They work well and use much less power. They do not buzz and are available in a range of colour temperatures - not just the cold white of flouros from the bad old days.
  10. LED light bulbs will become the most popular bulb in a year or two. I just bought a 60 watt equivalent Phillips EnduraLED A19 Bulb and it produced the same quality of light as an incandescent while only using 12.5 watts. Also it contains no Mercury, lasts 25,000 hours, which is about 13 years of use, and turns on instantly. The downside is that this bulb cost $40. LED light bulbs are coming down rapidly in price and a my uneducated guess about the price of the light bulb in 1 year would be $20.
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