Ban for stupidity?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by moo, Sep 21, 2006.

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  2. what is it you found interesting in that thread? i mean, anything of substance? i just saw a gut call from RM, i mean, the kind of stuff ppl do everyday in their ET trading journals, less the SL/TP targets... did i miss anything?
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    You can add people to your ignore list if you don't want to read their posts.
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    Sure can. But that doesn't stop the trolls from destroying the thread. It's a pity to have so much trolling here. Would like the level of discussion stay clearly above the Yahoo messageboards.
  5. Why dont you ban IP's instead of just users. Then IP stays banned for a certain length of time? Stops the trolls and others will reconsider there posts with such possible action.

    IP check will be done at sign up and only 1 username per IP.
  6. Under this heading of banning for stupidity would certainly have to come the "contibutions" of that rasict cracker Thomas Jackson.

    His "everyone should own one" comment was right out of the early nineteenth century, and he's managed to follow it up with another mindless, tribalism classic.