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  1. totti100


    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to get some info about this hedge fund in terms of its deals, reputation, and prestigiousness. What are they concentrated on , and what are they known of?

    What is their culture like and what are their hours like typically? What are they pay and compensation for first year analysts and their interns?

    Thanks, I would really appreciate ur help
  2. subban


    Just google bam asset management. Most of it is on the website the answers of your questions.
  3. totti100


    thx for ur answer, i googled it and viewed their website, but I still need to get more info from somebody that had worked thre or maybe know about their work and the stuff that i asked

  4. rosy2


    its very unorganized.
  5. totti100


    can you elaborate on that.

  6. LOL.
  7. totti100


    what are you loling about?
  8. Simple question why? Most people here arent in that industry so i find this a strange place to start asking questions.
  9. Sorry to sound rude there but if you have been offered a job with them and dont have a load of other offers I would take it. As for the other stuff like hours and shit the answer will be long as you are probably competeing to become a trader eventually wiith all the other analysts with the same view.
  10. subban


    Viewing people at his fund it seems to be people from only ivy league schools work there in analyst and trader positions. Being that Dimitri started out as a daytrader who barely spoke english when he first started, I wish he would remeber where his roots are and be more open to other candiates.
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