Baltic Dry Shipping Index

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  1. Does anyone know how to get the BDI on IB?

  2. Just go to Dryships's website...its on there...just bookmark it
  3. worldwide recession after the olympics
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    Am I missing something? It was lower in much of the past.
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  7. so what where the levels early 00's ?
    i do not believe that this is the end quite yet-too many people on the planet -unless they really want to de-populate and they know somthing we all dont or have somthing up their sleeve?????
    otherwise china africa india have huge populace and need stuff to consume grow-i guess the masterminds in the Bush co. regime have raided the world monetary system and got them to foot the bill for all our debt outstanding-large heist -biggest-unless you count 1929 land grab-i do not know how they have the balls to destroy the world economy if not for a specific reason----so-
    WHAT IS THAT REASON????????????????
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