Baltic Dry Index Up Eleven Days In a Row: Should You Care?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ASusilovic, May 17, 2009.

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    Sea -ETF
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  3. Is there an ETF that tracks the Baltic Dry Index? SEA is not it.
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    do a search .
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  5. I did. I came up with nothing.
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  6. You CANNOT have an ETF of such a service. Freight rates are prices for transporting goods. The index is a weighted average of the reported prices for a number of shipping routes and it is estimated once, daily, by inputs from a number of brokers. It is an indication only. It represents no real value. You cannot trade anything that does not represent real value. How are you going to evaluate whether it is a fair trade or not?
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  7. 600+ ETFs and there's no Baltic Dry Index ETF ??? :O
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  8. I guess you did not read carefully my post above. The BDI is NOT a security that trades. It is the daily ESTIMATE of freight rates for a number of routes. It is the price of a service. Do you know of any other ETF that prices a service?
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