Balloon Boy-Gore

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  1. I'll pay if someone can produce a photoshoped version depicting Gore as Balloon-Boy

    and yes, I'm terribly amused by this
  2. Come on People ...

    Admit it . it was a good analogy.

    Balloon-Boy, .. rode a Weather balloon as part of a grand hoax followed by people across the globe ...

    Is ANYONE Alive Out There!?!

    GOLD! Political, Satirical ... GOLD!
  3. r-in


    I can't believe you would want to make fun of our former VP(because literally no one was stupid enough to vote him into the presidency), best selling author(of a book that the majority of claims have been proven false, including pictures claimed to be decades older than they are), Nobel prize(phony prize, as it was based on his phony research in his book) winning American, who ripped on the tobacco industry, while he was still making money off the family tobacco business. The guy who uses more energy in one minute at his house, than probably a few of the bigger trading floors out there. Why, would you want to make fun of him. Oh yea, I guess because he is a joke. :D :D :D
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    not gore but...

  5. thanks for contributing... You'll probably agree, that's relevant, but average as satire goes.

    Obamao's spending isn't a hoax, he's a genuine radical-leftist.

    The crazy dad that perpetrated the balloon-boy hoax was a "fringe" scientist/meteorologist.

    I'm not that clever, it couldn't only be me who sees the obvious parallels between him and the idiot Al Gore...

    In balloon-boy dad's defense, he should have spent more time establishing a "consensus".