Ballmer's Comments on MSFT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. He says their jump in sales is an anomaly. I'm going to play contrarian and assume he wouldn't be saying that unless he's trying to lower expectations for the next earnings quarter.

    I'll watch what happens with MSFT today and decide if it is a good stock to purchase a PUT on (since I can't daytrade).
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    Just some friendly advice. If you think msft is going down, then just short the stock and hold overnight. When you start using options as stock substitutes you need to worry about the greeks and the high spreads which puts you at an immediate disadvantage. I'd just stay away from options completely until you have some more experience.
  3. after all that advice you got on taking it slow and sticking to a system and building a rule based method one step at a time, you're still dinking around with options no less, on a piece of worthless commentary that isn't even news no less, and considering a bearish position on a chart where the daily and weekly downtrend have been wrecked no less????

  4. Do whatever you want.

    Play it however you wish to play it.

    You are the Expert when it comes to Options.
  5. He's telling you they're going disappoint. Seems like a contrary approach would be to assume he's setting up for an upside surprise.