Ballmer laughs at iPhone

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    Time will tell who is right. What say you?

    If you don't know what the hoopla is about:

    "It will go on sale in Australia in February priced at $449.

    It has a 40 GB hard drive, can store up to 50 hours of video, 9000 songs, 25,000 photos or combinations of that, and will deliver high-definition images, 720 pixels to the inch. It fits home-theatre specifications, providing HDMI, component video, analog and optical audio ports."
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    What he says makes a lot of sense. Might as well buy an ipod and a cellphone. who cares if they are glued together?Email function is nice, but it will take an hour to type every email
  3. Everything Micro$oft laughed about in the past has become a huge succes. And they needed every dirty trick in the book (that they wrote mostly) to catch up later on.
    Almost every breakthrough tech you use right now would have been laughed at by M$ or wouldn't be here if they got it their way.

    It's maybe a good omen for Apple that this loudmouth laughed about them.

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  5. I am amazed that he is still the CEO. The board and shareholders must be asleep.
  6. Microsoft still hold the "monopoly" in computer OS. So, all the Board of Directors need is a CEO who maintain the company's share value by doing everything status quo or closely follow the competitors.

    They are conservative and have no appetite for any risk at all.

    Ballmer is going to be the CEO of Microsoft for a long long time.

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    Let me be clear I hate Apple. They are worse than MSFT in every aspect of being proprietary, and tracking everything you do with them. That being said they have awesome products, but to me aren't worth the premium which I can wait out for a similiar product to come out and cheaper. Or simply use MSFT products for computers which in reality have caused me no more headaches than my cars over the years, but at a lot less cost. As far as the IPhone, the ones I've seen are pretty neat, but again there are similiar enough products for less now available. At the same time the problems with the IPhone have been more that ATT has been a real pile of crap for a partner. The coverage and customer service are for shit, and that's not Apple's fault beyond being sucked into to using them as a partner. I have a kid with an IPod and the software for that asswipe ITunes is a resource hog pile of crap, as bad as any MSFT software, but the Apple, anti MSFT people will defend them regardless.
  8. I own an iphone and I love it! However, when it comes to computers, I just can't imagine myself using a Mac.

    Nothing wrong with a Mac. It's nice and stylish. It got a lot of great softwares, but there are just little things like right click and keyboard shortcuts that I got used to in a PC that a Mac won't have. It would drive me crazy.
  9. I guess the BOD is missing the fact that he has decimated shareholders equity since he took the helm. They need a "Steve Jobs" to come in and wipe out the entire BOD and then do some ass kicking the company back to shape.

    Thats what SJ did to Apple when it was in dire straits for years and years, he came out and cleaned house godfather style.
  10. Thats what I said in 06 before I gave it a chance. Once, now I just cannot see myself ever using a PC again.
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