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    ...for now?
  2. Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid higher bid is rebuffed
    Saturday May 3, 8:16 pm ET
    Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid after sides can't agree on acceptable sales price

    SEATTLE (AP) -- Microsoft says it's dropping its three-month-old bid to buy Yahoo because the two sides can't agree on an acceptable sale price.
    Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer says in a letter sent to Yahoo on Saturday that the software maker was willing to pay $47.5 billion for Yahoo. That's $33 per share.

    Ballmer says Yahoo insisted that Microsoft pay at least $53 billion. That's $37 per share.

    Microsoft's original offer was $44.6 billion, or $31 per share.
  3. yahoo is officially the stupidest company ever. you have to figure MSFT will take it hostile now and start buying on the open market.
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    looks like Jerry makes sure that won't happen either.
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    Nope, the only thing that makes yahoo valuable is the people, a hostile takeover will have most of them walking. MSFT still has the glaring problem of not being in the business that GOOG is rapidly dominating. This is a pissing contest that Balmer almost can't win. Company culture is very important and MSFT has the steamroller reputation.
  6. intriguing...if that is the way things go then YHOO isn't even 15.

    i would be infuriated if i was a major yhoo shareholder. it makes ZERO sense and it is pretty irresponsible on their board's part.
  7. YHOO's forecasted to make 50 cents / share this year.

    Let's be generous and give them the same valuation as google's forward P/E (28.98).

    This makes YHOO worth 14.49 / share.

    Now, normally stocks trading at a P/E close to 30 are growth stocks.. So YHOO might not even be worth $14.49 / share..

    Monday's gonna be a rough day, a HUGE chunk of the shares are held by merger arbers, they're all going to be dumping on Monday.
  8. i know someone who was involved in the new search engine that MSFT is getting ready to unvail-"roam if you want to ,roam around the world""rome was not built in a day" those are a few hints to the name of such alluded to platform-it was/is being tested and the bugz worked out for that last few months-they must have a good algorythm if the are going to take on google and YAHOO-bye bye yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your finance info will be missed