Baldwin Blows Out?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by nitro, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Bloomberg is reporting that Baldwin, one of the biggest bond traders in Chicago is selling his membership and that he blew out.

    Is that correct? :eek:

  2. nooooooooo! say it isn't so. can't be. sure, he let the internet bubble make him look silly, but, puhleeez...
  3. yeah i could imagine. he left the pit as a hotshot, got his ass kicked in the nasdaq bubble, and returned in a dying pit.. ingredients for a blow out
  4. used to read articles about all the business he owned, though. and the 30 yr is getting more liquid. Not the ingredients for a blowout.
  5. I saw that news item. Remember, he might have multiple seats and is just selling one (or more) at the top before the IPO.
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    The article says he is selling. But it makes no mention of him blowing out.
  7. I thought he put his North Shore house up for sale last year. I'm not completely sure of his address but it hasn't sold yet.
  8. The recipe is starting to come together - we have Greenspan's (too early) irrational exuberance, high profile blowups, and Bill Gross extolling the virtues of bonds at these all time low yields.

    Time to hit bids?
  9. Hello:

    I'm familiar with the circumstances. Yes he has multiple seats. I'm not much for gossip, so I'll just leave it at that.

    Good luck folks
  10. r-in


    Steve, whats the mystery? Did he blow out as supposedly reported, or is just a stupid rumor?
    #10     Jun 26, 2005