Balancing act. Electronic and organic

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by indahook, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. So far in my trading endeavor I have spent 10k hours in front of the screen. Thats about 400 full days of screen time. I`m at a point where price action is what it is. I`m not gonna learn anything else about trading from watching ticks. Also i`m a swingtrader anyway. Time frames from a few days until....well infinity if it keeps going my way.

    Run scans end of day. I enter on the open. Exits are targets or stops only. There is absolutely no reason for me to sit and babysit them. KISS trading at its best

    Basically i`m done spending so much my life in front of the screen and want to be outdoors. And i`m thinking about buying a small farm. 20 acres or more. To balance my life. Organic. I enjoy trading alot...but its just business. Farming is something that appeals to me. I think the whole "living off the land" thing is what attracted me to trading as well. Trading is a modern version of rustic living for me if you will. You either work your ass off and survive and prosper or you dont and starve.

    I have noticed the past few months once 4pm rolls around the market doesn't exist for me. I used to obsess about strategies, risk, reward, entries and exits. Running scans for hours each weekend day also. Now when the bell rings its over. No stress. No hangups. And its the best feeling I have ever had. For the first time since starting this wild ride I have the ability to just trade my strategy, let them roll where they may and enjoy it for what it is.

    Anybody here have any outdoor jobs that they use to balance electronic life?