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  1. I would like to construct a balanced portfolio for retirement. I could not find many resources on ET so I have started a new thread.

    Please give any information that can be useful. Thanks
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    My brother used to say the markets are based on guesses (albeit intelligent). But, in reality, there is nothing intelligent about this. A portfolio can't be balanced to suit your needs. Lots of guess work here.
  4. Everybody who is earning and saving money must be having a portfolio of investments for their retirements , unless they have given money to fund managers and rely on them to give them growth or income or both,

    I have time ,so I want to do it myself. I have to make a start somewhere. I understand there will be some risk but I would like to keep it minimum and if portfolio is diversified I can generate income for my retirement,

    How to do it is the big question.
  5. Some additional references for building a simple diversified portfolio:
    This shows how a well diversified portfolio can smooth returns and why that is especially important in retirement:

    It's not really the ultimate portfolio, but they have some good ideas:

    And last but not least a classic example of how simple this can be:
  6. Thanks for the links.

    From another thread I got the name of Vectorvest. Looks interesting ,but I would welcome some comments, Thanks
  7. Fot the time being I am planning to put 25% in ETFs like SPY, IWM, QQQ and DIA. 25% in good solid dividend stock.(research to be done) and 25% in AAA quality bonds ,naturind 3-5 years,

    Comments about improving the outlook much appreciated.