"Balanced Fiscal Cliff Deal"? -- HOGWASH!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Scataphagos, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Seems Boner wants a deal where he gives up $1T in tax increases for $1T in spending cuts... that's BULLCRAP!

    Odumbo is planning a $1.04T deficit for 2013. If taxes are raised by $100B/yr and spending is cut by $100B/yr... that still leaves $800B/yr in projected deficit.

    If Odumbo has his way, we'll be adding another $4-$6 TRILLION to the national debt on Odumbo's watch... even after any apparent fiscal cliff deal. That leaves us with $20+ TRILLION in national debt when 2016 rolls around... and just that much closer to when the world cries "No Mas" on the US Dollar. THEN we're in critical trouble.... should not be allowed to happen.

    We all know the Dems/Libtards are greedy and stupid... but even THEY should be able to figure this one out.

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  2. They didn't get elected to cut spending. This is what happens when half the country doesn't pay taxes.

    Of course, the republicans have made a mess of the argument. They should be demanding cuts in departments and agencies, not medicare and SS. They have managed to paint themselves into a corner whereby they are agreeing to screw their supporters on taxes in exchange for obama going along with screwing the most loyal republicans, the elderly, on medicare. This is the same kind of genius strategizing that cost Romney the election. Yet for some reason, they won't go after the Department of Education.
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    I am wondering the same damn thing.
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    why are you guys shocked? what in the last 4 years gave any indication that democrats want a return to fiscal and monetary sanity?

    Can-kicking was always the most likely outcome of any deal.

    I still think this thing could collapse despite the dribbles of 'good news' and remember, it still has to get through congress.