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  1. Fed going to bailout AIG using taxpayer money? Sounds like it is in the works.
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    Man if I had the time I would make a youtube vid for the financial firms.

    Please someone make a youtube video replacing the lyrics in tune with the financial bailouts.
  3. 2.69 B shares... 86% owned internally and by institutions.

    Asking for $70B bridge loan (Just to stop the bleeding)

    They are asking $26 per share to bail out shares that have a present market value of $2.60.

    I see no benefit for the government to intervene.
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    Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
    FMR LLC 160,817,676 5.98 $4,255,235,706 30-Jun-08
    AXA 132,593,871 4.93 $3,508,433,826 30-Jun-08
    DODGE & COX INC 114,148,972 4.25 $3,020,381,799 30-Jun-08
    STATE STREET CORPORATION 96,320,952 3.58 $2,548,652,389 30-Jun-08
    Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd 94,039,496 3.50 $2,488,285,064 30-Jun-08
    Capital Research Global Investors 90,182,600 3.35 $2,386,231,596 30-Jun-08
    VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 78,906,131 2.93 $2,087,856,226 30-Jun-08
    DAVIS SELECTED ADVISERS, LP 73,991,712 2.75 $1,957,820,699 30-Jun-08
    FRANKLIN RESOURCES, INC 45,658,943 1.70 $1,208,135,631 30-Jun-08
    WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLP 32,756,840 1.22 $866,745,986 30-Jun-08
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    I believe something will be done, if there isnt anything done it will have a huge impact on the entire system. I could just imagine the chaos if they go under, LEH was bad but with would be WORSE. Alot worse.
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    Will the top management be asked to return their bonuses for the last 3 years too?

    If they are not asked, then will the taxpayers have the right to walk up to their properties and families and get their monies back.............ANY WHICH WAY THEY CAN????????????????????
  7. If something is done, will it be at a premium, or a takeunder?