Bailout rejected and dow drops 700 points...bailout approved and dow drops 700 points

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  1. We just cant win! LOL
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    The market is going to do what it want to do, with or without this stupid transfer of money from the tax payer, to poorly run banks.

    Also, wasn't the intended goal for this so-called "plan" to get the credit markets moving again? That is an entirely different animal than getting the market moving up again.
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  5. Remember......consolidation of assets is done on "the cheap". Globalist sect puppets just stoled another $700 plus billion, and they are not going to start buying more destroyed assets until these desired assets are at even LOWER wholesale price levels.....remember THE GAME! :eek:
  6. The answer is obvious, the bailout has NOTHING to do with the plunge.

    The market is moving because of election uncertainty.
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