Bailout passes Senate, House foes soften

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderpro, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Yeah I see futures treading down.

    heh, what a scam. If the market keeps going down I wonder if the house will vote no. They will figure why pony up this money if it makes no difference.
  2. Futures are soft, nothing big.

    Dollar is where the play is guys. For now.

    Tomorrow's open will be interesting, House will pass it tomorrow with majority.

    We may see a pop, but over all , ITS A BEAR MARKET. PERIOD!!!!!

    Europe is falling apart, banks are being rescued, Weak Economic Data in Euro Land along with the US.

    We are going into a Recession that will be deep.

    But, for now, a Depression was Bought Off.
  3. Down futures go.... down they goooo
  4. 1159 down 12 since the news...
  5. mokwit


    Result: Banks become expensively managed Government bond portfolios that don't lend.
  6. expect a rally soon

    this is very good news
  7. put your head back in the sand
  8. dont


    Where you been, zero risk unlimited upside! :D

  9. Good for whom sir?
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