Bailout of FNM/FRE = Great Depression!!!

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  1. Did anybody else besides me notice that $4.3 Trillion has to be liquidated in 15 months? Check out the last two lines of this pdf -> hp1128.pdf
    What am I missing? How am I wrong? It wouldn't be the first time I am wrong, but IIRC, FNM and FRE have like $6 T in their portfolios and they can only have $1.7 T by the end of next year...
  2. Market doesn't care.. it just wants to go higher because we are in an election year. Fundamentals don't matter!

  3. We are in a trading range, Friday we were at the lower end, now its time to go back to the upper end.
  4. de facto it means interest rates are going to have to go higher.... if the GSE's can't fund mortgages who else will?
  5. anything to keep the ponzi scheme going.
  6. Technicals don't matter.. this is all about government manipulation.
  7. jasonjm


    hummmm I don't get it

    who is going to buy that debt? or is the us govt just going to print money and make it go away?
  8. From currency point of view; look likes jpy is buying all the debts.
  9. you DON'T bail out something as huge as fannie and freddie because things are bottoming! thats for damn sure.
  10. That was my thought too!!! Further, what impact will flooding the bond market with trillions of dollars of bonds have on the market?

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