Bailout Might Be Best For America...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. With voter opinion running 100:1 against by some reports, and they RUSHED TO CRAM A BAILOUT DOWN OUR THROATS...

    Perhaps NOW the public will recognize what self-serving, lying, thieving, scum-sucking BASTARDS they are... and vote them out of office!!
    :mad: :mad:
  2. vote them out of office....

    ...and replace them with a new set of lying thieving self serving corrupt crooks.

    now thats progress.

    like I said,no bailout and stocks rally hard.We get a bailout and back in the gutter we go.
  3. With voter opinion running 100:1 against

    Is the "herd" right?

    Bunch of risk averse dummies. Go for it.

    If the bail out works we'll all be rich, eeehhhhhhaaaaaaaaawwww!!!
  4. Well, it's the herd who is being forced to pay for others mistakes.

    What do you think the odds of it "working out"?

    Yes, we'll all "get be rich".. but it will be the kind where we all have $Millions, and it takes that to buy a bag of groceries.

    Odds better they come back again and again... for $5 TRILLION MORE...
  5. The ABSOLUTE irony here is Ron Paul.

    Had he chosen to run third party, the MSM cult of Barry would be wearing Depends for lack of bowel and bladder control.

    Ron Paul can explain this crisis unlike those two treacherous Senatorial Posers and Posturers and Fakes, simply because he has predicted it for years.
  6. poyayan


    Fresh off today this morning.

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  7. Democrat/ Teddy Kennedy Wing Republicans Response:

    What do you expect from your typical balding white angry heterosexual gun clinging, religion clinging male?
  8. poyayan


    Ha. I usually vote democrats but this issue is too important, and house republican are the one putting up a fight..:)

    Democrats are putting up a non-violence resistance in a way that they are not going to vote unless house republican are going for it too.

    Seems like reps from both parties who get paid off by wallstreet know where the public opinion on this.

    Regardless, the longer this drags on, a better solution or no solution will come out of it.

    Look at the Fed release :

    Only AA - financial paper is affected. The rest is ok. Are we being gamed here?
  9. Do I understand this correctly? The DemoCraps were LARGELY responsible for pushing poor quality loans to non-qualified buyers? Then resisting oversight and modifications which might have prevented this fiasco?

    If so and the RepubliClowns hang together in opposition, then the DemoCraps who force passage can be seen as responsible and accountable for the bailout hosing?

    And I think McCotter makes a really big and important point.

    If we go through with the bailout, a precedent is set for how future difficulties are addressed. The immediate (and only?) solution could become "taxpayer bailout"... thus promoting even more reckless behavior due to the moral hazard aspect... rather that "free market consequences for those who screw up".
  10. poyayan


    You can blame any of the following or all of above as causes :

    1) Change of leverage regulation from 7:1 to 40:1
    2) The existence of unregulated CDS market.
    3) stated income loan ( liar loan ). This is not limited to subprime.
    4) Rating agency is practically worthless.
    5) VERY low interest rate
    6) Interest only loan with adjusted interest rate.
    7) 100% financing
    8) opaque CDO
    9) CEO and executives compensation structure ( encourage taking risk )

    Both parties are in this one way or the other.
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