Bailout costs less than the Iraq War

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  1. I get all kinds of figures on the cost of Iraq war but on wiki they give a figure of 845 billion.

    So this bailout shouldn't be much of a big deal then, congress didn't have any problems signing off on war expenditures why would the have a problem signing off on a bill that is after all, an investment that should be supposedly recuperated over time?
  2. The war on terror expenditures, albeit large, have been spread out over the course of 5 and a half years. The money has gone to produce bombs, guns, tanks, troops, and to subsidize kbr, haliburton, and many other things. Bernanke and Paulson want about the same amount of money, and could undoubtedly make it disappear into a black hole over the next two quarters, and for what?? No bombs, no tanks, no troops, no guns, no KBR, no Haliburton, no nothing. The war on terror expenditures have produced things, even though these things tend to be destroyed. Bailout will produce nothing, and could still destroy things as we know it. Bogus paper will be shifted around at the cost of 5 years worth of the war on terror. But what choice do we really have. Creative destruction is never as sexy as it sounds, and we are trying desperately to avoid it with this bill.
  3. Our dumb ass public is simply too stupid to understand these things.

    Its ok to spend trillions blow up a soviergn nation.... kill millions of people... loose 6 billion dollars in 100 dollar bills in iraq without it getting mentioned in the media once...

    But not to get our economy back on track.. save 100s of thousands of jobs with an INVESTMENT .. not a bailout.. investment you sheep people....

  4. are you Paulson or Bernanke?

  5. shut your trap idiot.
    Wait till all hell breaks loose and massive layoffs hit the street not just wallstreet.. then i'll tell you if im paulson or bernanke.

    im not saying tax payers need to do the bailout.. but someone does.. or the economy goes down hard...
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    :D :D :D This one gave me quite a chuckle!
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    Japan already tried to Nationalize and Bailout their upside down Banks.

    Didn't work.

    See the "Lost Decade" and Nikkei 75% drop.
  8. child molestors arent neaarly as bad as child molestor/murderers

    so why do we hassle child molestors?

    more and more we're starting to see the 'we have one fuckup, why not another?' arguement - makes no sense at all

    I was against the Iraq war from the start. Why does that Bush disaster mean I should approve another one?
  9. This plan is a big, desperate stab at a monster that we created through greed and regulatory complacency. This "investment" will hardly pay off. Hundreds of billions of dollars in order to get back to the way we were in early 2007??? Not a sound investment. All that jazz in hopes we restore normalcy???? Normalcy??? That's all we get out of this deal, at the very best??? Still a big chance that this thing will be the biggest blunder in the history of American finance. Stand by.
  10. The war is a shitty investment, too. So what? That makes THIS right?
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