Bailout Bill....Tax Break for Wood Arrows?

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  1. Pork getting squeezed in at the taxpayers expense.
    Doesn't surprise me.
    Are you wondering if the Taxpayer is going to get reamed from this Bill?
    Americans are doomed with the leadership we have in washington, democrat or republican. This country is in poor hands.
  2. Sec. 503. Exemption from excise tax for certain wooden arrows designed for
    use by children.
  3. Probably done to get a "yes" vote from a Senator. Anyone have a wooden arrow manufacturer/distributor in their state?
  4. The last one was much worse:

  5. Select tax breaks.
    I want a tax break.

    Where's your tax break?
    Where's mine?

    We get to pay for it.

  6. For deadbeats only.
  7. I believe this is for an Oregon Democratic Senator. But I forgot is name.
  8. One of my clients has the largest Wood Manufacture in Penn. Create's pallets, Baseball bat's and few other things. Has a special Patten for the way he "Kennls" (Spelling?) the wood that makes it 10 times stronger.

    Been talking to Private Business owners all this week. We just funded another Private Equity Deal for 2.2 million.

    The guys I speak to, are still making money. Most of them are working a little harder but the over all Manufactures of this country are hanging in there and "Buying" Joint Venture Shares at 103k a pop.

    Most of their attitude is "Fuck Wall Street". They think the bail out is bull shit. They said if they ran their Private Companies the way most Public Co's are run, they would be outa business, with out any "Bail out".

    Most of my clients, who did have money in Hedgefunds pulled out last year and if they are in the "Markets' currently, they are leaving their money where it is. Very few are in Panic mode like most of America.

    However, those in Auto industry are starting to see a slowdown now. Those that supply Home Building (Supplies, lumber, steel, concret, etc) have watched a 30% decline in their profits since the start of last year.

    However, overall, these guys are making money, spending money.
    Keep in mind, a guy making 150 million in profitis in the Private Sector, roll the majority of the profits back into the company and do not take out loans. When times are tight, they have cash on hand or Liquid investments to roll into the business. Many only deal with small local banks that they have known since the started their company in their back garage.

    Leaving the "Public Sector" Trading and getting involved in Private Equity with Business Owners was one of the smartest and luckyest things I had come my way.

    If the guys I deal with start to go belly up, like Wall Street, then the whole fucking world is gone. I will be the first to grab my passport, empty my bank account and head to Costa Rica to live like a king.

    But for now, all is quite on the Western Front. Things are good, we can't keep projects long enough, the fund so damn fast.