'Bailout' Bernacke Slammed at Committee Hearing (video)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by achilles28, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Today, a sitting member on the Banking Committee gave Helicopter Ben a well deserved FU for his Wallstreet bailout at the publics expense:


    Nothing good can come of this.

    Money-supply recoveries have the weakest legs. The near miss in Feb and recent market faltering (all during historic rate lows) confirm the obvious. This recovery is on life support. There is nothing keeping this BS market afloat other than Bernacke and his friggen printing press.

    The longer he waits, the more debt will eventually default, the deeper companies exposure, and the more jobs lost.

    Heap on all the savings stolen from now-to-then through spiraling inflation - we're going to have problems.

    #1 - is this criminal?

    #2 - what's the answer? Zimbabwe? Just inflate the piss out of the currency until we're back to third world status but owe nothing??????
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    There is a reason why retail investors only have 50% margins on their brokerage account and why a minimum of 30% downpayment for condos..

    RISK to the lenders and RISK of the market cause markets are VOLATILE, healthy markets are volatile. otherwise it is manipulated by the banks are 'rigged' 'market collusion' by group of traders or banking syndicates (crime syndicates0 who pool their money to manipulate markets..

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    Minimum downpayment for a house should be 20% otherwise they buyer can't afford to buy the house or the houses is too expensive. zero downpayment and interest only payments was what you call in the business bait and switch to suckers. ARM they draw you in with low interest rates which is unsustainable in the long term and have no downpayment

  4. vectors101

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    Only the niave would not believe that the market is not manipulated or rigged.

  5. achilles28


    The markets have always been rigged. But never to this extent.

    The 2001+ Fed credit glut is perhaps the biggest money bubble ever created.

    The huge boost for RE down payments reflects NEW, BIG RISK acknowledged by Lenders. See the collapsing sub-prime market and ensuing Fed bailout.

    If the market had a clear and sure path to safety, banks would NOT ask for 30% down. Nor would the Fed cut 50 basis points 2% off a market top!!

    But I agree - healthy markets go up and down.

    Which is why the Fed needs to let the market run its natural course or else the bleed will become a hemorrhage.
  6. achilles28


    Bernacke has thrown caution to the wind and won't stop the music.

    Its a reckless, dangerous decision that will cost the average American dearly.
  7. Nothing good comes out of a group of lying parasitic thieves. The fed nothing more than a bunch of satanic lying skeeves. People know who they are.

  8. dtan1e


    the market keeps making all time high day after day after day, & ben keeps going ease credit, ben & bush both of the same fibre :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    this is no diff from all those corporate ceo's that keep issuing free shares/ options to themselves, by essentially keep easing, is issuing free dollar to the gov't to have another party
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    Should have watched the hearing but did not. Did anyone ask Bernanke to explain the justification for leaving food and energy out of the inflation measure?
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