Bailing out US auto

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  2. I am for no bailout not backed by something tangible, payable to the US taxpayer, not subject to governmental tampering. Since that will never happen, I am for no bailout period.
  3. you do know that if big US auto is allowed to fail then we are all screwed right?

    F^ck them? let honda and hyudai to hve it all??
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    IF they let them fail within a few months we are going to see unemployment rates skyrocket way above 10%, this could lead to just more than a recession.
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    Mike Jackson is just another self-serving hypocrite. AutoNation has never been a friend of the big 3 and said as much in that interview in that the bulk of their sales are from imports.

    His argument, that they've turned things around is total bullshit.

    Does anyone here honestly think that ANYTHING produced in Detriot can come close to competing with the likes of Benz, Porche, BMW, or the upscale rice burners of Lexus, Acura or Infiniti?

    He's pushing this because he damned well knows that his own profit margins are at risk of dropping were any or all of the big 3 bought out by the foreigners.

    I'm opposed to any bailout of the auto makers. They milked the SUV and truck gravy train for all it was worth and never put anymore creative research into their output then they were legislated to do.

    Let 'em die already, there's more than enough alternatives that aren't from Detriot and are manufactured, well assembled for the most part, here anyway.

    Take that money and start pumping it into the decaying infrastructure of this country.

    Does it really matter that you're working a shovel instead of an impact wrench so long as you get a weekly paycheck?
  6. you do know that if big US auto is allowed to fail then we are all screwed right?
    Do you have a reference for that.

    I don't think it would effect me in the least if they failed. I haven't need their services in 35 years.
  7. I have this argument everynight. At first i was against it. But are main manufacting industry in american is the auto industry. If the fail those jobs can't be relplaced.
  8. Unions caused the fate of the Auto Industry. Let them fail, if they are worth saving, someone/some entity will buy their assests and recreate the industry in a Private Industry model.

    Socalism does not work, either in personal redistribution or in Corporate Bailouts.

    The PUBLIC SECTOR is finished. Private Industry is the future.

    We are going above 10% unemployment regardless, so that is a lame ass excuse to save the Auto Industry.
  9. but there is no solution - those companies will broke anyway

    It would be cheaper to pay salary for 20 years to all those people than bail out GM every 2 years
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