Bail Out Nation

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. So much for free markets. My kids are going to be paying for this mess for the next two decades.

    You have guys like Makloda and Landis who think this goverment intravention is good and anyone who has studied past goverment bailouts knows its always a huge mess.

    Leave move somewere else is there cry. Gee if we all did that this country would have been lost 100 years ago.
  2. Instead of studying goverment intraventions you should try English grammar and spelling first.
  3. You don't even live here so STFU!
  4. That's right, and my spelling is better than yours.
  5. ATLien


  6. Your spelling may be , but your morals aren’t. Your a sick person who one day will get whats comming to you.
  7. Give him hell Copeland.
  8. Morals don't pay the bills, do they?

    One day you will learn that whining and pointing fingers does not make any difference to your financial bottom line. Taking action does.
  9. Free markets still rule. These are NOT hard times. But you are correct about our kids getting screwed, they will each get a $1 million share of the debt that our politricksters and Federal Reserve monkeys have given to this country. I specifically did not say that 'we' gave to this country because I did not, and neither did anyone else but the people who run those entities.
  10. There you go again, mind reading. Anyone who challenges the leaders is winning and broke. Makloda you’re a real piece of work.
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