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  1. Anyone knows if it will trade in AM extended hours tomorrow morning?
    or will start at 9 AM ET ?
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  3. Thanks.
    You are right its not trading premarket.
  4. didnt trade today at all :-(

    I am going to sue reuters !
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    Sold on Thursday. First trade will be Friday morning.
  6. ding, ding, ding, ding.... first trade $70.00 a share, up 160% from IPO price !
  7. 32.3 million shares outstanding
    ttm results incl. Q2 preliminary results (profitable in all of the past four quarters):
    Total revenues: USD 23.3 mln
    Net income: USD 2.96 mln ($ 0.09 per share)

    Market capitalization at $66.00 a share -> $2.13 billion
    ttm PE -> 720
  8. it's a web portal/search engine. lol.
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    Was anybody able to buy this through IB? I flipped a little in an Ameritrade account, but IB would not let me open a position.
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