Baidu Melt Down

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stocktrader2007, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. All set for this stock to go downwards and break the lows..
  2. ok you've convinced me! i'm hitting the bid relentlessly! F U China!
  3. dman666


    Which lows? Todays low, March low, 52 week low, All time low?
  4. Hard bounce at $316
  5. Pachoo


    Up huge afterhours LOL
  6. Don't short bidu. Ever.

  7. Anyone trying to short BIDU has his marbles mixed up. The stock sprinted 30 points yesterday, and its trading 20 points higher, in After hours!

    Why would you short the strongest stock in the whole damn stock market? Insanity or may be a mild case of rabbi es ?
  8. Its still a 20 stock... Will reply soon once it hit the targe
  9. Bidu closed 364 today a 21 point gain. Hope you lost your account standing in front of a on coming train.. there should be some blood on the tracks..
  10. Guys... Lets wait and see... Its not so far...
    #10     Apr 27, 2008