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  1. I have it on good authority that the mentally retarded Iraqi women who blew themselves up in a Baghdad market today were the daughters of two notorious republican guardsmen.

    The fathers of these women are the same ones who, during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, overtook the local Kuwaiti hospital. These men, upon reaching the neonatal area of the hospital, stormed through the doors and began scoping up premature infants by the handfuls right out of their little incubators. It was reported that they than started swinging these poor helpless infants in a circular motion around there heads screaming in very loud voices “we're number one, we're number one”, after which they slammed the tiny - frail bodies to the cold heartless concrete floor so that they broke apart like over ripe cantaloupe.

    These Iraqi's are animals! I hope they all die.
  2. shhhhh.... flytiger will believe you and vote for Mitt.
  3. BAGHDAD - Two women described as mentally disabled and strapped with remote-control explosives — and possibly used as unwitting suicide bombers — brought carnage Friday to two pet bazaars, killing at least 91 people in the deadliest day since Washington flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.

    Brig. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi, Iraq's chief military spokesman in Baghdad, said the women had Down syndrome and may not have known they were on suicide missions, but gave no further details on how authorities pieced together the evidence. He also said the bombs were detonated by remote control.;_ylt=Ankm5K8WQZo6l._LDCXc1ZpX6GMA

    Iraqi men mourn relatives killed in a suicide bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Feb. 1, 2008.
  4. I have already reported this incident on another thread..

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  5. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says bloody bomb attacks on Baghdad pet markets overnight prove that Al Qaeda is the most "brutal and bankrupt of movements".

    An Iraqi official said explosives strapped to two mentally handicapped women were triggered by remote control in coordinated blasts that killed at least 64 people.

    "Both women were mentally impaired. They were wearing belts containing 15 kilograms of explosives," said Major General Qasim Ata, spokesman for the Baghdad security plan.

    But the US military, which gave a lower death toll, said both attacks were caused by female suicide bombers and blamed Al Qaeda.

    "By targeting innocent Iraqis they show their true demonic character," Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Stover, a spokesman for US troops in Baghdad, said in a statement referring to Al Qaeda in Iraq.

    Lt-Col Stover later told Reuters the US military had seen no evidence to suggest the women were handicapped.

    The blasts occurred within 20 minutes of each other, killing 64 people and wounding more than 100, defence and interior ministry officials said.

    Other reports said the death toll was 70 or more. President Jalal Talabani reported as many as 70 dead in "brutal attacks carried out by terrorists."

    US Republican presidential hopeful John McCain denounced the attacks and vowed to keep US troops in Iraq until victory was achieved.

    "This is an evil, implacable enemy," McCain told a rally in a suburb of Chicago. "This evil we are fighting has many, many, many manifestations."

    When ask if all 70 were really "dead", President Jalal Talabani said "well, some of em said they weren't dead, but you know how those evil people lie".
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