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  1. I have been trading futures for a month or so, just starting to make some money. I have a variety of trades I like. I learned most of them here and have kind of melded them into my own system. Here are the threads that have really helped me out:

    JR's breakout trade

    Rangebound Days


    Divergence Trades

    IMO These 4 threads have everything you need to become a succesful trader.

    I have been trading the NQ, but today my chart program was messed up so I could only track the YM. I traded it and I think I am in love.

    I only trade mornings because I think I trade better if I concentrate hard for a couple hours a day.

    I welcome criticism. If you think I am an idiot that is OK, please just explain why. :)
  2. 1. Short 9164 +18 Breakout
    Cover 9146

    2. Short 9165 +13 Pullback
    Cover 9152

    3. Long 9142 +5 Divergence scalp
    Sell 9147

    4. Short 9138 +5 Divergence scalp
    Cover 9133

    Day total +41(YM)
  3. On trade 1, I would have traded it as a pullback but I was having chart problems and didn't see it unil it was breaking out. From now on I will post the days chart on the same post as the trades.

    Trade 4 I am not so proud of in retrospect. It was against the trend and this is something I am trying not to do. This and overtrading have been my two greatest obstacles. I have a piece of paper over my computer that says in large letters "Do Not Overtrade" and "Trade only with the trend". I am getting better about obeying this piece of paper but it is still something I am working on.
  4. bubba7


    Attached might be what he did. I do not know his stops nor timing. He focusses on AM for short period before going to do maintenance job.

    I do not know his signals nor his exit stuff either. I know he has four setups so far that cover the waterfront.

    41 on 134 H/L is a good comparison method. Technically, there were either 3 trades today or 7 trades today depending on how Keltnor signals are used. Anybody's call on the four set ups he does. You can see 2 retraces sort of (first two trades). The last two were of a different ilk (5 pointers are hard to give names to except scalping.) scalps are difficult on 3 min but you can see over ten on the chart for instance. A reasonable target for a day would be 300% of the H/L value.

    3 min is a rough spot between most players who use 1 and 5.
  5. Hi Baggerlord,

    I noticed you are using Nextrend for charting. How did you write on the chart that you posted?

  6. So you would basically trade it my method particularly that you also use Keltner's channels. Anyway, good for you. The method works very nicely.

    I am planning to start my journal soon too, so I hope to elaborate more on my method. In fact, it's my friend's method, one of the four good methods to tackle almost everything in the market that he generously shared with me. I don't think I should be claiming any credit here.
  7. Hey guys. Just got off work. Jack, I don't trade off the Keltners, they are just there to draw my attention to trend, breakouts, etc...I just like them better than standard MA's and such. I trade off the 1 min chart too, but I use the 3 min to get the bigger picture. I'm pretty happy with my trades today, and think 300% of the range is pretty unreasonable. I would love to see your trades for today, though, showing me how it is done. Thanks for posting here and I welcome your input.

    I drew on the chart by saving it with screenhunter and editing it with paintbrush.
  8. OK, got confused. I do, to some extent.
  9. bubba7


    I do not trade YM.

    I traded a bracket at end of day on ES. There are three charts posted.
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    you must be trading genius able to pick 4 diff styles in span of 1 month.
    #10     Aug 1, 2003
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