Bad trading?

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  1. I´m a little bit astonished over the medioker results
    most people on ET presents.
    I have been trading full time since 1 year.
    The first six month cost some seminarfees.
    After that I have had no losing day.
    The aim of this thread is not talking about me,
    but some reflections after reading ET every day.
    Most people here claiming that they are scalpers
    aiming for 1 point or two.
    For me scalpers are people trading quarters of ES-points
    all the day with minimumcommisions.
    1 point or two for me means that people lack
    the ability to identify trends because every day you
    have some nice moves.
    I trade support and resicstance and retracements.
    If you try to find trends with 1-3 minutes charts
    and momentumindicators you are a born looser.
    Any opinions?
  2. No losing days? Now that is astonishing! I don't know why you're angry and need to put down others that aren't so fortunate. I don't see any journals dedicated to trend trading the emini. Please start one, put in a method for identifying the trend and show people how you do it in realtime. That way you can contribute to others success and improve their lives. Otherwise this just looks like another "I'm great and the rest of you suck" thread. There's enough negativity in the world. How about helping out? I know I'd like to see a trend trading thread that has never had a losing day.
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  4. I used to date a stripper who I swear was "born looser!"

    ... and let me tell you -- there was nothing medioker about that frame:p :p :p

    (this guy is clearly a douche-bag).
  5. How much are you risking per trade? Post some details on how you trade the trend, e.g. what time period/tick-charts do you follow, profit targets, risks.

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    This is just another smartass, looking for a method:p
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    Although you didn't want this thread to be about you, your post pretty much guarantees that it will. Probably not a good idea to call people a bunch of "loosers" and then expect any kind of positive feedback or info. Perhaps you could help to enlighten the rest of us so that we can eliminate our loosing dayz ?:p

  8. I´m not angry, I live in Europe but my son lives in
    New York and he gave me a winebootle from the states with
    the name AngryBull and I took the name for ET.
    I will not reveal my methods which I have spent more
    than +2000 hours to find out and paid "seminarsfees"
    to the market.
    I only want to give some good advice if you want
    to take a step up from medioker to better.
    But no one seem to be interested so go on
    trading 1-minute candlecharts with your indicators.
    Good Luck!
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    ... what is the point of this thread again?
    To convince scalpers that have great success making money day in day out, to stop doing what they do?

    Yah, we are 'looser' scalpers that make consistent money.


    Are we suppose to be begging for your system now?
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    Works great dude! try it, or did you and you failed at it?
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