Bad trading habits

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  1. Any recommendations on the best book I can refer to some friends and a family member!

    Me saying STOP doing that 100x to them isn't working to well :eek:

    It would be great if you recommended stuff that you have personal experience and success with.
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    Kinda strange but (unfortunately) the best thing that can happen for them is to lose a lot of money. Experience in the market and dedication to the craft, along with big losses is usually the best teacher.
  3. Prescribe the symptom. Tell them to DO it 100 times. It works.
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    High Probability trading by Marcel Link, easy and pragmatic read for beginner.
  5. Yes I agree, that's pretty much what I went through but I was hoping to spare them that pain and I thought that maybe there was a good book that had some techniques or something in it they could do.

    I'm not a big believer in psycologist myself but I know that there are a few that out there recently that others have spoken of.

    Steenburg or something like that?
  6. You mean to tell them to DESCRIBE the symptoms 100 x over and over ?
  7. No. PRESCRIBE. Tell an anorexic to gag herself every 15 minutes. A compulsive eater to drink a milkshake every half hour. Warring couples to spit and fight on a rigid schedule. Insomniacs to set their alarms to wake up every 10 minutes. They eventually get sick of it and quit. Or they are resistant to therapy and do the opposite.
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    Commendable; however, only they can make themselves believe. Sometimes tough love works!
  9. the nature of risk by justin mamis
  10. Samson,
    The twelve step program from AA is designed to vilainize bad habits and reinforce good habits.

    Most all self help books/programs teach the 12 steps within the context of a specific behavioral pattern that is targeted to change. The value of focussing on the 12 steps is that once the process is learned, it can be used effectively on all troubled areas of a persons life.

    Although, the word "God" gets used a little too much for my liking, but for others the word might make all the difference.
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