bad trading habits list

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  1. mine is I often drift away from my plan, maybe for the sake of get rid of boring, maybe for the sake of avoid resposbility, maybe just evil rebelling mind....

    what is yours, and your solution?
  2. adel16


    constantly changing brokers
    being greedy
    smoking while trading is a bad habit too ))
  3. Handle123


    ACCEPTANCE, market might be showing I should get out with one tick profit, but the greedy sob that I am will sometimes overstay the trade and end up getting nada which is a loss of fees. It is tough sitting here and watching market scream in one direction and I am not on board, but that way of trading for me does not give me daily profits. Have to be patient and wait. Risking 2-3 ticks on most ES trades requires almost perfect entries, but it forces me to accept what I can't control, which in trading is little.

    I go for hypnosis few times a year seems to do well for me.
  4. Kurgan


    used to fade my own system:D hard to overcome,i`m telling ya...
  5. like to boast when winning, bceome overconfident and greedy
    hide when losing, become coward and risk aversive
  6. zdreg


    give me your signals. | will be happy to fade them.:D
  7. panic

    i try to never panic but keep a clear head.
  8. nrixy

    nrixy and masturbation.....

    not that I know of anyone that does that
  9. oraclewizard77

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    Getting emotional over a loss, and trying to make it back that day by revenge and/or over trading.
  10. I have a few bad habits, trading is one of them.
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