Bad signs for Obama, people around him don't think he has cojones...

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  1. Hillary Clinton went on PBS and expressed her desire for more troops in afganistan a few weeks ago

    McChrystal's report got leaked

    McChrystal made a speech recently outside the US about "his strategy" (adding more troops) according to NBC nightly news (10/04

    Obama got punked by the IOC

    It does not look good. if I were Obama I would think people think I am a weakling.
  2. Welcome to the party. You're a little late...
  3. It is not the French who scold. It is Sarkozy, who I have read is a zionist. He is unpopular, and I read somewhere that he apparently likes to receive from the entrance at his lower back. So to keep he guy busy/happy, maybe just do what he seem to likes, and provide knee pads against roughness.

    Also Sarkozy is in support of criminal fugitive Polanski who is a zionist pedophile. That says volume about the character of Sarkozy.

    Obama is a great President.
  4. there were predictions on this board months ago of just that occuring. I wonder if he will make it 3 more years? It looks worse than even some conservatives envisioned. Sad. High hopes will soon turn to mockery and derision if he doesn't turn it around.
  5. If health care fails, then what? Frankly he has used up his air time AND what would be the "so" important next issue?

    If health reform passes, people are exhausted from the non stop bs of this issue and inattention to our fiscal crisis.

    He can't attack wall street too close to the mid term elections.

    He is screwed.
  6. My god who hacked your account.
  7. Energy policy is the only way Obama can salvage his presidency.

    There is no valid reason that America does not lead the world in alternative energy, and no reason there are not solar panels on every federal building---solar panels which are made in America, install by licensed American contractors, and there is no excuse for America to continue to be slaves of OPEC and other oil producing countries...

    Oil independence as the primary goal of Obama's administration will change the whole ball game for America...

    Obama needs to declare war on the oil companies, and any other corporate entity that does not fight this war like WWII...

  8. So your saying Obama should focus on an energy policy that forces the general public to forfeit the cheapest option?

    And you wonder why his presidency has been going the way it has...
  9. The cheapest option?


    Imagine you had an imagination, swallow that koan...

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