Bad Setup vs. Bad Trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by white, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. white


    How many times do you have a bad day because you don't execute your trade properly, or take what you know to be a bad setup vs executing a good trade properly that does not workout. Almost every down day is do to poor execution or poor setups. It rarely is from a good trade not working out. I hope this makes sense. Does anyone else agree with this rambling?

  2. u know the answer and i agree with it:)
  3. T-REX


    YUP! If you have a mechanical system or a discretionary system with the rules written down...........STICK TO IT!!!

    Don't be like me. Don't deviate from the system. I had a bad start because of it. If it were not for the deviation I would have a perfect journal.:D