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    For Obama and Clinton.

    In Syria, we are wiping off the face of the earth your Alqaeda killers, your Salafi Killers, your Takfryeen Killers, your Saudi killers. The people you sent to Syria from Iraq are being wiped off by the truck loads. Thank you for the stingers we found with them, thank you for the advanced communications networks we found with them, thank you for the night vision equipments we found with them.

    Your criminals who killed people who happened to be Christians, Druz, Alawyites and ethnically cleansed complete Christian, Druz, Bahai, Ismaeli and other minorities towns and villages are with their 72 virgins now. Your plan to destroy Syria has failed.

    Next target are your Saudi Wahabis. Better hurry up, they are already shitting in their panties.

    So...Obama...Fuck you!


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  2. Ricter


    I don't get it, you're on Assad's side?
  3. Are you kidding? I am 100000% with Asad. As always, do not believe your media. What we have in Syria is Qaeda mercenaries trained in Turkey at the hands of MI5 and Black Water like dogs.

    Not only that your media did not show you much of their crimes...They did not show you anything.

    The United States, via their Qaeda proxy army tried to carry the El Salvador model in Syria. These are the same killers the US used in their war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.

    We are doing the whole world a favour wiping these sadistic killers off the face of the earth.

    Am I with Bashar? 1 million percent I am with Bashar. Long live Bashar.
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    No, I wasn't kidding, I didn't know where you were coming from.

    Ok, what is the US interest in toppling Assad? I thought he was US friendly and Iran unfriendly. And if (what we call) the rebels are Al Qaeda, why would the US want them to beat Assad? Just asking.
  5. Who Told you Bashar is "Unfriendly" with Iran? There is a military pact between Syria and Iran. The rest is self explanatory in regard to why the US used these death squads.
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    Interesting, thank you. This is a good prompting for me to study the issue.
  7. Yeah Sameeh, I've seen what your people did to that poor little child. He must have been such a tough american supporter to kill.

    Its sickening what you call a victory.

    This is the poor child you hung after killing his family. And wtf...why did your people pull his pants down after you killed him, you sick fucks.

  8. Again...You never cease to display your stupidity. That child is Pakistani and the language written is Urdu and not Arabic. By the way, Pakistan happened to be, along with Saudi Arabia, your Ally.
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  10. you never cease to display YOUR stupidity. If you clicked the link, you would clearly see this was done in Syria.

    Oh wait...the article is in english. Clearly the child must be from england because the language around the article is in english.
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