Bad news travels fast

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    How fast? I haven't quite been able to determine.

    As an example, consider the rather drastic behavior today of EXPE:


    As you can see, the bottom pretty much fell out at approx. 11:13 am ET. But the closest dated relevant news story I could find came out some 24 minutes later:


    Something triggered over half a million shares being dumped in a minute or two. If anyone has a better news feed and can turn up the story or can provide an alternate explanation, I'd be very interested in it.

    Full disclosure: Yes I was long on EXPE and had a nice little profit going when this happened. Fortunately, it wasn't a very large position, so I'll recover from the hit. But it still stung, and in this case almost seemed unfair. Yeah, I know, I should have had a stop set. But this kind of drop is completely beyond my experience. In ever other trade I always had enough of a moment to assess things and keep a pretty tight loss. But not this time.
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    Briefing had the news 1 minute after the drop started. Considering they are a secondary new source, I'm sure the drop coincided with one of the major wire services.
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    Thanks. Where can I access that briefing?
  4. Cruzan


    Well, this story came out well after the drop. But thanks for looking it up.

    Actually, I looked all over, including Bloomberg. The AP story posted on Yahoo news was the best I could find.
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    Mister Atratus:
    Do you really think FREE is any better than YAHOO finance putz? You are the piker for making fun of the OP's news source.

    Gimme a break.
  6. Actually l am not making fun of anyone's choice of news source (mine is Reuters ). Yes l enjoy being a piker whether l am flipping IPO's on HKEx, or doing CFD/Covered Warrants corporate actions or simply chasing order flow on the Bobl/Bund l enjoy my piker ways. Thanks for reminding me, and wish you all the best in your endeavours :cool:
  7. speaking of Yahoo Finance, has anybody been getting flooded by 100s of emails/day from them of old news - their news serer worked well (for my purposes) , but the last few weeks it's been sending hundreds of messages a day that are useless and 3months old.
  8. Trade The News is usually pretty quick... it might report it after the drop has begun, but before it has finished. You should have put a stop in and you would be okay.
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    The only piker here is atratus.
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