Bad news, good news again!!

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    The bulls are just crying for a rate cut, thats the only catalyst left for this market at this time. You have to think though that if the federal reserve does decide to cut rates that it must be alot worse than they really say. For some reason everyone thinks this economy is doing fine, if thats the case why lower the rates. Lowering rates will only do worse for these markets in the long run.

    Stocks Rise, Particularly Tech Sector
    AP -

    Stocks lifted Tuesday, after dips in manufacturing growth and construction spending raised investors' hopes for an interest rate cut that would bring more money back into Wall Street.
  2. Its so easy, just buy buy buy.
  3. Yes, just stay short.There is no money in ever going long. Not even for a trade. The markets will eventually implode some day and goto zero.
  4. GM auto sales up well above expectations....

    Cut looking less likely to me, but who knows, got to bail the idiots out I suppose. Subsidize Detroit and make the stupidest of the stupid in real estate whole again, go, go, go, go....

    Good Luck!
  5. S2007S


    GM sales up Ford sales down.

    no need for the rate cut, the stock market is doing great again....

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    The market rallies on bad news because 'they' think the worse it looks the more likely we are to get a rate cut, which of couse would fix everything.

    Ya, dont worry thats not messed up at all.
  7. ammo


    day back after holiday and the 1st biz day of mo,likely rally also 401k money comes in 1st of mo. ,still lost tho